As Christians, we are called by Christ in Luke 9 to deny ourselves and take up our crosses daily in order to follow Him. Our mission, regardless of what country we find ourselves in, is to live out our faith daily.  In a general sense, we can do this by making disciples (Matthew 28), by loving God and our neighbor (Matthew 22), and by taking on the role of servant to others (Mark 10).

We have seen God use the avenue of cross-cultural missions as a means to raise up disciples here at The INN. While cross-cultural missions is not a required component of our faith, we know that God cares as much for others as He does us. Sometimes we forget that God is present outside of our city or our country. We believe in international missions because it a part of God’s call to our lives – to love our neighbors. Living with and meeting people different from us, who often times live a very different life, changes our understanding of what life is all about. Not only are we joining with the locals in what God is already doing abroad, but we are learning that God’s Kingdom exists outside of Seattle too.

International Missions

We offer two cross-cultural opportunities at The INN, Deputation and Spring Break Missions.


Deputation is our program that gives students an opportunity to live and do missionary work in a country very different from our own for eight weeks during the summer. It is a great way to be a part of and observe Christian mission in a different context, while at the same time experiencing the world in an exciting and real way.

Spring Break Missions

Our Spring Break Missions program takes anywhere between 30 and 50 students on a week-long journey to a country in Latin America. We have partnered with Children of the Nations for the last 14 years in the Dominican Republic. We have also recently gone to Nicaragua and Peru. This is a great chance to participate in missionary work for a week, alongside local organizations while forming new community with the INN. It has been an experience that has changed the trajectory of many students’ faith journeys.

Local Missions

It is easy to forget that mission is something we do even in our own city. Local missionary work is important because it exposes us to the needs within our own community. When we are aware of the needs of our homes, we can constantly be partnering with God in making our city a better place. God is just as pleased with us if we do missionary work here as He is when we do missions outside of the United States. Christ calls us everywhere.


Missions at the INN are possible due to the incredible community that sends our students out into our city and our world. One way that you can participate in this community is by praying for our students as they go on missions trips. Check out the INN's blog to follow along with our students as they participate in missionary work. Of course, there is also a financial side to missions and if you would like to support missions at the INN with a donation, please visit our give page.