Student Leadership

As INN Staff, our hope is that the students that come through our ministry would discover real life in Jesus Christ. One way in particular that we try to make that happen is through our Student Leadership program. Our goal for this program is to help the Student Vision for this ministry and our college communities become a reality. Through various Student Leadership teams, we hope to help build community and discipleship among our students all while empowering them to take ownership of this ministry and participate in the work of Jesus in the city of Seattle, on the college campuses, and beyond.


All student leaders are asked to attend a Student Leadership Retreat in the fall before school starts as well as our monthly Student Leadership meetings. Each student leader will be placed on a team according to their gifts and passions. These teams will help assist and run various aspects of the INN; from playing music to planning outreach opportunities and mission trips. Student leaders really have an impact on all that we do as a ministry. Students have the ability to create the experience what they want and will get out of it what they invest into it. Individual teams usually meet weekly for community building, discipleship, and planning out how to live into that team's purpose.

All student leaders will be consistently asked to help out on Tuesday nights. The entire Student Leadership team is encouraged to participate in prayer before the INN each Tuesday. Each week students will volunteer to help with various components that go into making the INN happen. This might be greeting people at the door, writing name tags, setup and takedown, taco prep and flipping on Taco-Tuesday’s, etc. This does not mean that every week every single student leader will have a tangible responsibility on a Tuesday night, but it does mean that every week we will need some student leaders to step up and help make the INN happen.

What We Believe

It is with hope and joy that as we are in relationship with Jesus we recognize that He doesn’t just call us to life, but to an abundant life. Our hope here at the INN is that we are striving to live into Jesus, to experience this abundant life and to share the love of Jesus to the world in the process. As student leaders, you are a part of our team here at the INN and we want to ask you to join us in pursuing this.

Read the full Student Leadership Value Covenant here.


Neighborhood Team

This team meets weekly to encourage, build up, and equip students in our ministry who are part of the Greek Community and Christian Housing.

Local Outreach / Street Youth Ministries

This team’s primary goal is to help college students engage with the homeless and marginalized communities around our city. They host Friday morning breakfasts for homeless people in the neighborhood, organize Union Gospel Mission van rides, and plan a Winter Break Local mission trip.

Worship Music Team

This team leads worship through music on Tuesday nights at the INN. Those on this team will have to be able to attend practice and help plan out and organize worship sessions. The team will grow as a community and grow in its skill and knowledge of how to lead a large group in praise and worship. This team does require an audition to be considered for it.

Media & Design Team

This team is in charge of Tuesday media (slides, videos, flyers, etc), social media, the website, and anything else that involves the INN's brand and/or marketing. We believe that by having a unified team with a diverse set of skills, we can both be more productive and produce better content that can impact more people, more effectively. We expect the team to work with staff and interns to manage and consult on the content that they contribute.

Break Missions

In the Fall, students on this team will begin creatively thinking about how to invite students to join us on our Spring Break Mission trips. During Winter quarter this team meets once a week to plan training meetings for the Spring Break trips. Spring quarter is spent continuing in new relationships with students built over the trips.

Young Life College

This team is outreach based and focused on building relationships with non-believing students. This team is integrated with NE Seattle Young Life and has a mix of student leaders and post-graduate leaders. They host Young Life club every other Wednesday night and have team meetings on the alternating Wednesdays.

Speaking Team

The team meets weekly with whoever will be speaking on the upcoming Tuesday night. They go over the sermon with them and help to be a representative voice for the students who come to the INN, by asking questions and giving opinions on the scripture, sermon series, and talks themselves.

Prayer Team

The team meets every week to pray for each other and the INN community, and learn more about the impact and potential of prayer from guest speakers. This group also plans prayer nights and the Week of Prayer at the INN.

Deputation Team

This team’s goal is to advertise and invite students to participate in our Deputation program. They organize placement meetings for interested students during Winter quarter.  Then they prayerfully and intentionally place students in teams and partner those teams with one of the mission sites. Following team placement, this team organizes training meetings with each of the teams.


A team willing and able to plan and lead people on adventures in nature - climbing, skiing, hiking, rollerblading, etc. Shred-INN is a great place for students to get out of their comfort zones and try something new. The events are a place for outreach where people who want to go on adventures but wouldn't normally come to the Inn can be invited. 

Social Justice Team

The hope of this team is to help the Inn community grow in it’s “Social IQ” and become a more welcoming and communal place for people from all kinds of cultures ethnicities and backgrounds. This team will meet weekly on Thursday nights.

Join Student Leadership

Want to join Student Leadership? Click on the button below to begin your application. At the end of your application, you will be given an opportunity to schedule a time for your interview.  Please be sure that you submit your application and schedule a time for an interview.