About Us

We are a place for college-aged students that is welcoming to anyone looking for a warm drink, a place to rest and find community!


The Palmer House Coffee Bar offers a variety of drinks to fit whatever mood you’re in! We have rockstar baristas who volunteer each week to serve and make this place what it is. We couldn’t do it without them!



9AM – 4PM


11AM – 4PM


3PM – 5PM


Whether you need a place to study, grab a cup of coffee or are looking for community, we’d love to have you stop by! We have a number of events that happen here each week and want YOU to join in on the fun!

Our Story

The official name for this house is the Earl and Shirley Palmer Center for Student Ministry. This is a space that has been prayed over and strategically planned for 15 years.


“I believe we have our most lasting impact when we model a generosity of spirit that has its source in the goodness and faithfulness of God.” –Earl Palmer
It began as just a dream. Earl Palmer pictured a cozy space where college students could find home away from home. It would stand in the gap between the world and the Kingdom of God. Owned by University Presbyterian Church, this building has been transformed from law offices into just that- a beautiful coffee house and community space: a home.
A place where any student can walk in comfortably and not be intimidated by faith but witness the Lord through authentic community and service. That they would feel welcomed and a sense of belongingness.
Our hope here moving forward is that students will take ownership. That they’d move from finding home here to creating and caring for the space themselves, inviting others in with them.


Earl started a college student ministry in the 1950s. He was a missionary in the Philippines, a pastor at Berkley California, and a Senior Pastor at University Presbyterian Church here in Seattle until 2006.
More on Earl can be found at his website, https://www.earlpalmer.org/


Currently, the main space of the house holds the coffee bar and the gathering area. The second floor holds offices where The Inn, the college ministry through UPC is run. Mike McEvoy is our resident student ministry director, and often you’ll find him and his dog Slater hanging out with the students!
On the top floor there’s an apartment where 5 gals live. They help run the house!

Meet our residents

These are the 5 amazing women who help make this place run each day! Read more about them and their role at the Palmer House below!


Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr

Head of Palmer House Coffee

Lauren is a senior at UW Bothell majoring in Culture, Literature & the Arts. She leads Wyldlife at Hamilton International Middle School, her childhood dream job was to be a ballerina astronaut, and she has a tattoo of a cat (a cattoo, if you will).

Sarah Gilwit

Sarah Gilwit

Design/Marketing Coordinator

Sarah is a SUPER senior at the University of Washington, majoring in Education with a minor in History. She is the seventh out of nine kids, is a Wyldlife leader at Eckstein Middle School, and lived in the Canadian wilderness for 3 months at Beyond Malibu YL Camp!

Oksana Reva

Oksana Reva

Head of Facilities

Oksana is a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Political Science. She lived in South East Asia for 5 weeks, her ancestors survived WWII, famine, and poverty in Ukraine/Russia, and she was on a break dancing team for 2 years in high school!

Michaella Ibambasi

Michaella Ibambasi

Event Coordinator

Michaella is a junior at Antioch University majoring in Psychology. She wants to work in Global Health in the future, she’s always ready for a dance party, and she is a true ambivert!

Lexi Webster

Lexi Webster

Head of Finances

Lexi is a senior at Seattle Pacific University majoring in Nursing. Her right armpit sweats more than her left, she has two biological sisters, two adopted brothers, and one foster brother, and “Buy U a Drank” by T-Pain is one of her favorite songs!



The Palmer House has been used for many events by different groups and on-campus organizations. If you are interested in learning more or how to make a reservation, please use the email below to reach us and we will be in touch with you soon.

Come on In!


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10AM – 5PM



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