We believe in partnering with like minded organizations to build greater community. With these organizations, we plan weekend events where students from around the PNW can come together and grow in their relationship with Jesus and friendships with each other!



Young Life is an outreach ministry that cares about introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ! Young Life College focuses those efforts on the unique needs of college students and how to best care for them. The main philosophy of YLC includes three parts: to REACH students with the good news of God’s love for them, BUILD them up in their faith, and LAUNCH them out as kingdom-minded leaders serving in YL, the work place, family life, churches, and God’s mission in the world.

Young Life College is present on the campuses of UW, SPU, and SU. In each of those places there are committed leaders who devote time, money, energy, and care to college students. The partnership with UMin (in very short), is an outreach arm of The INN that goes into the lives of disinterested students to love, care, and know them for the sake of gospel…regardless of their response or if they ever come to YLC or The INN!


washington family ranch

Young Life College has yearly camps and retreats at Washington Family Ranch for incredible weekends full of fun surprises, great good, and even better company! For many of these camps, we go alongside with other universities in the PNW. These weekends are ones you and your friends won’t want to miss!